A gathering of live music and dancing


Join us for A UNIQUE DANCE SERIES dedicated to


You don’t have to be from Galesville to come to the Galesville Community Square Dance!

If you are looking for an evening of fun, movement, live music, and a warm sense of community, this is it!  It’s an evening of traditional American music and dance:  square dances, contra dances (dancing opposite your partner in long lines of couples — think “Virginia Reel” from your elementary school days), big circle dances, even a waltz or two.  Beginners are welcome and can easily learn the steps.  Each dance evening starts with easy dances, and then progresses to more challenging ones.

A special and unique part of these dance evenings is their multi-generational character.  How few places and occasions we have nowadays where children, teens, and adults can engage together in an activity as peers.  You might even find yourself being guided by a graceful 11-year old!  Dancers and musicians alike enjoy the opportunity to get acquainted beforehand as we enjoy a potluck dinner.  All of this occurs under the beautiful timber ceiling of the charming Galesville Memorial Hall.

The live music for the dances is provided by Gary Wright (guitar) & Leah Weiss (fiddle) and friends.  GARY WRIGHT & LEAH WEISS have been entertaining audiences for years with their American roots music, drawn from traditional Appalachian old-time and country music.  They play as a duo and as members of several bands.  You can visit their website for more information.  Sit-ins are welcome on guitar, fiddle, and clawhammer banjo.

JANINE SMITH teaches and calls the dances throughout the evening.   She calls square, contra, and family dances in the Washington, DC area.  She shares her humorous (OK, sometimes goofy) and infectious passion for music and dance with dancers from Glen Echo, MD to Seattle, WA and specializes in Singing Squares and just generally whoopin’ it up. She truly believes that inside everyone is an inner dancer just itchin’ to get out and boogie to the music, so come on down and get your hoedown on, darlin’!

We hope you will join us!  Bring a friend or two!

The Galesville Community Square Dance is made possible by generous support from the West River Improvement Association.




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